Super Foods

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  • June 07, 2013

Super food is a loose term being thrown around by the health community. What does it really mean? Food that are the most nutrient dense in the world. They are full of range from alkaline-forming, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, calcium, electrolytes, essential fats, iron, phytonutrients, chlorophyll, omega 3 and 6 proteins. Wow sounds great, where do I get these wonder foods?

They are in so many foods around us. Green leafy vegetables, starchy vegetables, quinoa, seeds, certain types of oils, nuts, fruits, and harder to find chlorella, spirulina, maca and stevia.

Our bodies are constantly in search of balance, everything we eat has a benefit or consequence. It can be immediate such as eating sugar or take time such as a wholesome complex carbohydrate that releases as steady flow of energy for up to 72 hours. Take fast food our bodies use almost all of our available energy sources to digest. Leaving little room for thinking, being active and other bodily functions. Super foods are the opposite because they have very little impact on the energy taken to digest them. Not only that but they also provide energy, clarity, digestive aid, strengthen and endurance.

Why don’t we eat more of Super Foods?

Time I believe, how can we fit more into our busy lives? Learn new cooking techniques, spend more time at the grocery store. Most of these food are prepared in restaurants today but again they are covered in butter and salt reducing their nutrient benefit. Our health is not of most importance to us until it fails. We believe we are indestructible, free of any aliments. We are shocked when we hear a 50 year male dies from a heart attack, but he hasn’t eaten a vegetable in his life. Today super foods are of the outmost importance because the rest of our food is so void of nutrients. We are really isolated, society is being run by Mega Corporations selling us their products which have every year become less nutritious, are full of filler products, synthetics and are more profitable for them.


Think of about a place where we ate the most nutritious food possible. A place where disease struggles to hold on, were pills disappear, where going to the doctor is unheard of. Eating a balanced diet of super foods could make this dream come true.

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  • Claire M says:

    Regardless of how busy life gets you have to make the time to look after yourself. Super foods can be taken in many ways – some ways require nothing more than a Juicer or smoothie maker. 2 minutes – instant health.

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