Super Foods

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Super food is a loose term being thrown around by the health community. What does it really mean? Food that are the most nutrient dense in the world. They are full of range from alkaline-forming, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, calcium, electrolytes, essential fats, iron, phytonutrients, chlorophyll, omega 3 and 6 proteins. Wow sounds great, where do I get these wonder foods?

They are in so many foods around us. Green leafy vegetables, starchy vegetables, quinoa, seeds, certain types of oils, nuts, fruits, and harder to find chlorella, spirulina, maca and stevia.

Our bodies are constantly in search of balance, everything we eat has a benefit or consequence. It can be immediate such as eating sugar or take time such as a wholesome complex carbohydrate that releases as steady flow of energy for up to 72 hours. Take fast food our bodies use almost all of our available energy sources to digest. Leaving little room for thinking, being active and other bodily functions. Super foods are the opposite because they have very little impact on the energy taken to digest them. Not only that but they also provide energy, clarity, digestive aid, strengthen and endurance.

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Organic Foods

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When I see the words organic food comes up I immediately think about how food used to be produced before we industrialized farming. Man toiled with the soil working hard, up before sun rise and to bed at sunset. They meticulously saved their seeds for the next harvest allowing the evolution of the seed to determine their crop. Food was real it was natural it did not need to be called organic. Flash forward to today when most products not just food are poorly made, they break down, they crash or simply don’t work. We have created a situation where profit rules over what our body needs nutrition. Food grown organically has a smaller yield giving each plant or animal more space to grow. What is the significance? On a plot of land there is only so many nutrients to be shared, so a smaller yield gives each plant a greater source of nutrients. Now think about food grown with pesticides, synthetics and other harmful chemicals. Our food retains these chemicals and we ingest them. For one, I am certainly do not need to eat plastics and harmful chemical used to kill weeds and insects. Think about spraying weed killer on your lawn now think of the yellow grass being your stomach lining.

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Vancouver’s need for more Gluten Free Choice

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Last month we had the pleasure of trying to attend the Gluten Free Expo in Vancouver. To our surprise the line up to get in was extremely long. After sometime we were approached by an organizer letting us know that we were going to be unable to get in. The cut off line started with us and certainly went through hundreds if not thousands more behind us. Although we initially felt disappointed we were also intrigued to see how the organizers grossly under estimated the amount of people who were trying to attend. To their defense they had already double the square footage and amount of exhibitors of the event from the previous year. As safe estimation in my opinion. They simply had no way of knowing that almost 20,000 people were going to show up more, more than 4 times their estimate.

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Fast Food

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Fast food began as a wondrous concept bring wholesome food to customers quickly and efficiently. What has remained is the speed but what has not is wholesome or nutrition. Fast food is latent with high sodium, high fats (trans, saturated e.g.) sugar and pretty much the worst things we can ingest. So my question to you, is why are most people still eating these foods and why is this segment of food service growing especially in Canada? It seems like every time I head downtown there is a new burger joint or doughnut shop opening. In a time when obesity, cancer and diabetes are link to the above mentioned fats it is simply hard to believe that there are so little options for convenient  healthy fast food in Vancouver. When I am in a rush or only have a short lunch break my option are completely limited. So our default is to head to the nearest fast food joint and then justify my time restraints against how awful I feel after I eat.

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