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When I see the words organic food comes up I immediately think about how food used to be produced before we industrialized farming. Man toiled with the soil working hard, up before sun rise and to bed at sunset. They meticulously saved their seeds for the next harvest allowing the evolution of the seed to determine their crop. Food was real it was natural it did not need to be called organic. Flash forward to today when most products not just food are poorly made, they break down, they crash or simply don’t work. We have created a situation where profit rules over what our body needs nutrition. Food grown organically has a smaller yield giving each plant or animal more space to grow. What is the significance? On a plot of land there is only so many nutrients to be shared, so a smaller yield gives each plant a greater source of nutrients. Now think about food grown with pesticides, synthetics and other harmful chemicals. Our food retains these chemicals and we ingest them. For one, I am certainly do not need to eat plastics and harmful chemical used to kill weeds and insects. Think about spraying weed killer on your lawn now think of the yellow grass being your stomach lining.

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