— What does SMAK mean? —

SMAK means taste in many language: Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Afrikaan, Norwegian, Ukranian, etc… When it comes to food the only thing more important than speed, sustainability and healthy considerations is taste!

— Why did you charge me for the cup? —

We are trying to promote the use of re-usable cups. The cups cost us 35¢.

— Is everything Organic? —

We are committed to local sourcing. Because we can get so many BC grown products most of the year, we have made that a priority over organic. There are certain items we do source organic: coffee, eggs, mushrooms, and more.

— What is the packaging made of? What is compostable? —

All our packaging is 100% compostable. It is made of corn and turns to dirt in an industrial composting facility.

— What is the Celiac Warning on the Menu? —

All ingredients in our kitchens do not contain gluten, however, not all of our products have assurances that there has been no chance of cross contamination. EG: spices that come from India.

— Do you have the nutritional information? —

Yes, we have the nutritional information available in-store. We are happy to answer any questions about ingredients or recipes.

— Is this a franchise or a chain? —

We are opening a third location in the new year and are hoping to open more soon!

— What time do you serve breakfast to? What time Online? —

We serve breakfast until 11am. If you think you will be later than 11am, Please order ahead online, directly from our website.

— How many minutes to complete my order? —

We are healthy FAST food! Our goal is a 1 min. at Lunch. Under 4 at breakfast.

— Why do I need to pay extra $ for extra dressing? —

The price of the salad includes the cost of one dressing. All the dressings are made in house from scratch

— Why do you have Wheatgrass when you are 100% Gluten Free? —

There is no gluten in wheatgrass.

— Can I order over the Phone? —

You can order ahead of time Online through our Website with as little as 20 minutes notice. We are very fast: if you order in store your order will be done by the time you’re done paying!

— How can I share my feedback regarding my recent experience at a SMAK healthy fast food location? —

we have comment cards in store, through our website or email

— Are you open on holidays? —

We are open from 7:30pm – 8 pm on holidays, we are closed Christmas Day.

— Can I buy my salad and eat it the next day? —

Definitely! Just keep it in the fridge.

— What is a CSA? What is InnerCity Farms? —

Community Supported Agriculture. InnerCity Farms converts lawns into gardens around the city of Vancouver.

— What is a B CORP? —

See our B Corp page!

— Charitable Giving: How do I request a donation? —

Send an email to

— What do you have for kids? —

A Mango Lassi and the Mini Butterless Chicken are the most popular items for kids.

— What items are spicy? —

We have the spice icon next to our spicier dishes. The Green Curry Chicken is our spiciest dish.

— What items do you recommend that aren’t spicy? —

The Coconut Pork, Summer Stew, Chili Bowl, and Yellow Curry Bowl are delicious and not spicy.

— My hot bowl is too spicy? What do you recommend? —

Can we get you a cup of water? We can get you some yogurt. If you need to exchange your bowl for something milder we can recommend the Summer Stew.

— Why is Red Veg not Vegetarian? —

The Red Veg has fish sauce in it.

— Are your muffins fresh? —

Yes! They are made by Lemonade Bakery and we get regular deliveries.

— How do you make your Oatmeal? Can I have it made with Milk? —

Our oatmeal is made with gluten free oats, flax and water with a hint of cinnamon. There are a variety of milk options you can add on top including coconut milk – delish!

— SMAK Rice? Can I have my Hot Bowl with just Brown Rice? —

SMAK rice is a mix of brown and red rice. You can also have it on quinoa, or even no rice, extra slaw.

— Do you have anything with Beef? —

We serve hormone and antibiotic free chicken and pork. We do not sell beef.

— Do you have anything without Onions? —

While all of Hot Bowls are made with onions, we can offer you a Chicken Caesar salad, or the Shrimp and Avocado side salad. If you can have Green Onions we have many more options – most items in the Grab n Go fridge. Please ask for details or refer to our allergen menu.

— How is my food prepared? —

Everything is prepared from scratch in house!

— What kinds of oils are used? —

Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, grapeseed oil. The star of the show is camelina oil: the highest source of omegas in any food. We are adding more nutrition to the food then you’d think!

— Do we have Vegetarian or Vegan items? —

Tons! Look for the spiffy Vegan and Veggie icons on our menu.

— Do we use hormones in our Meat? —

No! The farmers who supply us do not use an hormones.

— Do we use Organic Eggs? —

Yes! We use eggs sourced from Rabbit River Farms. Without this farm, we may not have organic eggs in BC at all. Thanks guys!

— What is gluten-free bread? What are the ingredients? —

Bread made from a variety of gluten-free flours – please see us in store. for full ingredient list

— What is your healthiest drink? —

Depends on what is meant by healthy. Low Cal: Fresh Mint Tea or the Green Detox Juice. Nutrient Dense: Warrior Smoothie. Detoxifying: Green Detox juice.

— Do you have drip coffee? —

Yes. We also have fresh-made espresso drinks.

— Is your Chai Sweet? Is your Chai Spicy? —

Our Chai is a house-made Chai, that is not too sweet with a mild spice.

— Do you have Agave? Do you have Maple Syrup? Do you have honey? —

We have raw sugar available at the coffee station. We also have honey – just ask!

— How many shots in your espresso? —

House Pour is a double.

— Do you have any lactose-free milk? —

Yes! We have Almond Milk – sweetened and unsweetened, Coconut Milk and Soy Milk.

— Can you keep my bag while I’m in the Embassy? (Pender) —

We cannot be responsible for personal items.

— How do I collect my points Online? —

When you are online - under your account info: you can assign your loyalty card #.

— How much $ left on my Gift Card? —

Come visit us in store to check.

— How does the loyalty program work? —

Earn points get free stuff! Each $1 spent = 1 point.

— How do I redeem my points? —

Come visit us in-store!

— Do you deliver? —

Yes! We deliver catering orders 11am-12pm Monday to Friday. You can order online for pickup anytime; many people use a courier service such as Novex.

— Do you have a Take-Out Menu? —

Yes, our entire menu is available on our Website and you can order for pickup through our website.

— Do you offer Catering Delivery outside of the 1.5km of Granville? —

Stay tuned!

— Catering / Online Ordering: what should I do if I run into technical difficulty processing my Online order? —

We Have you tried turning your computer off and on again? 😉 Any further issues contact

— Why are the catering prices higher than in the restaurant? —

Because the food comes in a beautiful wooden box you can keep (or better yet return in store for a free smoothie)!

— How much notice do I need to give for a catering order? —

Please place your order before 3 pm the day before. For orders over $500, please allow 48 hours’ notice. Of course, more notice is always appreciated

— How do I place an order? —

To place an order please visit We strive to ensure all inquiries are answered within 24 business hours, with quotes provided when necessary. We can be reached by email at or by phone at 778-379-7625

— What is your minimum order? —

For pick-up orders there is no minimum. For delivery, minimum order is $100 plus delivery fee

— How do I determinate how much food to order? —

Our catering items are pre-set to include enough food for 6-8 people. Please order multiple items for larger groups

— Can you deliver to my area? —

We deliver up to 1.5km from our Granville store at 545 Granville street. We deliver between 11am-12pm every day. For breakfast orders, we will deliver between 8am-9am. If you are outside of our delivery zone, we can arrange for a 3rd party delivery, please include this request with the catering request

— Can I collect my catering order myself? —

You can pick-up your order anytime—be sure to set the accurate time while placing your order

— How can I pay for my order? —

All orders can be prepaid when placing the online order. Visa, Mastercard and SMAK Gift Cards are accepted. If you must pay by cash, then the order needs to be placed by email and we will collect cash upon pick-up or delivery. Please use our online ordering system if possible

— What comes with my order? —

All our SMAK packaging is compostable and all the food is packed ready to eat! We provide cutlery, napkins, bowls and tongs for salads. If you do not need cutlery, please let us know = REDUCE WASTE

— Can I cancel my order? —

We require 24 hours’ notice for cancelled orders

— Can I order from the regular menu? —

Yes. And we will deliver orders over $100, plus delivery fee, between 11am-12pm. SMAK also now offers delivery through Foodora, Doordash, Skipthedishes, and Foodee. And hey, if you want to be the office hero and pick-up food for your team, try ordering SMAK through Ritual

— Can I still get loyalty points from a catering order? —

YES! Collect loyalty points on all catering orders. Points can be redeemed in store for our regular items (catering items not included)

— Can I taste the food before ordering? —

You can visit us at 545 Granville Street, and we would be happy to give you samples of any of our hot bowls

— Do other B- Corp’s get a discount? Do orders over a certain amount get a discount? —

Yes, we are proud to offer other B-Corp’s a 10% discount on all catering orders. For all other orders, we will offer a 10% discount on orders over $100

— Can you accommodate allergies? —

We strive to accommodate any and all allergies or dietary restrictions for our customers. Please request a copy of our allergen guide when placing your order

— How can I find out more about your ingredients? —

If you would like to know more about our ingredients, please submit your request to and we would be happy to answer any questions

— Nutritional information? —

For full nutritional information, please visit one of our stores and one of our SMAKKERS would be happy to help you!

— What service does your staff provide when they deliver/ what is the process? e.g; Do we set up the catering for you? Leave boxes? —

We are happy to help our customers set up their catering items upon delivery. Boxes and setup are included in the catering prices

— How can I return the catering boxes? —

We would really like to get the wooden trays back. We can collect them upon delivery or your next order or if you are able to return the catering boxes to one of our stores, we would be happy to provide you with a free SMAK Smoothie of your choice